Do you want a little something extra for your event?

Beermat doodles are personalised illustrations created by live artists, which the customer takes home with them. The illustrations are usually done on blank beermats and are particularly popular within the beer and pub industry.

We have a squad of talented illustrators who are available to hire for your event. Our doodlers are each trained to create a bespoke portrait in five minutes. So, for example, if you hire two illustrators for 3 hours they’ll create around 75 pieces of art.

The team was initially founded by Jared Wilson, head of Left Lion and beer enthusiast and Emily Catherine, illustrator and artist both from Nottingham and formed part of Nottingham Craft Beer Week 2017 but they’ve since gone on to cover various other events since including tap room launches, weddings and more besides, expanded the doodling team, and they are now available for events across the UK.

If you’re interested in making a booking, firstly have a look through our doodlers profiles and see if you have a particular style or doodler in mind. Then please fill in our booking form. You can also contact us with any queries by emailing hello@beermatdoodles.co.uk we love hearing from you